IUI #3: Here’s Hoping…

I wanted to title this IUI #3: The Cervix’s Perspective, because of everyone I think that little guy had the hardest time this morning.

Our nurse was one of the nice ones, an upper-middle-aged woman with braces and tennis shoes, rather than one of the brusque let’s-get-this-over-with types, for which I (and my cervix) were grateful. I tried to come in with a full bladder, but it’s hard to time it just right, and in the end I think I peed a little too close to the appointment time. So our nurse had to do some pressing on my bladder from the outside (“You’re going to find this terribly cruel,” she said apologetically) and some re-wriggling of the catheter before she managed to get it in proper.

I had an easier time relaxing with it today, maybe because I did some restorative yoga poses and deep breathing this morning before we went to the clinic. Elizabeth held my hand and when it was over we had our usual ten minutes, dutifully timed by an egg timer on the counter, to kiss and say how much we love each other under the glare of the clinic light (which Nice Nurse tried to dim for us on her way out).

It’s spring outside, or nearly spring, and on our way in to work we stopped and bought a candy bar to celebrate. I feel happy.

I think we’ll try to navigate this 2WW a little differently than the last two. I actually went to work today rather than staying home, and I’m going to take just one day off before jumping right back into my yoga practice. I did go to acupuncture yesterday and am headed there again today, but otherwise we’ll treat these next couple of weeks as we would any half-month of our lives: gently, but with enough indifference to keep the heart from getting caught.

And I’m going to try to stay off the message boards. It’s not good for peace of mind, this internet. My compulsive Google-prowling may have been why my symptom chart from mymonthlycycles looked like this:

100% pure fun



  1. Nothing prepared me for how raw and vulnerable I feel after insemination, and it hasn’t gotten any easier the more we’ve done it. Mandy’s physical support for me at that moment is so important, as if I would shatter without it, like glass.

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