IUI #3 – The Wife’s Perspective

We did our third IUI this morning. Our first with a little more help (the ovidrel trigger shot on Sunday night.) We’re looking for all those good signs, both physical and superstitious. Good vibes. A lucky penny. A sunny morning or a break in the clouds, at least.

Fingers crossed.

As the wife, I feel like my main job at this stage of the game is to be calm and supportive. I held Andrea’s hand while the nice Midwestern-mom nurse pressed against her bladder to get everything lined up. We joked a little about not peeing on her. A little joke but not too much slap-stick. That’s a moment of restraint for me. When I’m nervous or excited or happy or sad (ok all the emotions) I tend to resort to humor. This isn’t always a bad thing but maybe not the tone to be set while attempting to conceive a baby.

Once the process was done we waited the oddly specific yet short ten minutes before heading back to work. I like these ten minutes. A bit of quiet between just my wife and I. Even though we don’t know anything, we won’t know anything for a while, those ten minutes swell with hope. This could be the start of something. This could be the ONE.

After those ten minutes, I press the hope down a bit and try to be more level headed. There is no point getting excited or discouraged yet. Only time will tell. I really feel like we’ve done everything right. If it doesn’t work this time it’s only because sometimes it doesn’t work.

But I sure hope it works.





  1. Ya know, it never occurred to me that the IUI procedure could be a calm/peaceful experience. Ours was like a skit straight off of SNL, but just reading this put me back in the dr’s office and made me feel so at peace..! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I figure with the peacefulness it’s really just a fake it till you make it situation. Even if we’re nervous, it helps me to pretend like i’m not. Thanks for reading and sharing your story too!

  2. Sending positive thoughts your way! It’s nice to, as the “other mom”/non-gestational partner/supportive wife read about someone else’s perspective. Sounds like you are doing everything right. 🙂

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