Balancing Hope and Planning

This is our third Two Week Wait. We know better now than to get our hopes up too high. Andrea isn’t reading (or at least telling me) every twinge in her body, every little temperature change, and mood swing. Those are all parts of life, not just pregnancy. That’s what I’m telling myself at least.

Yet our conversations still drift to baby talk. As the non-birthmother, the more coffee I drink the more I want to talk about these things.

Coffee Art

Should we decorate the nursery with a theme? How will the dog react to the baby? Should we let the family throw a baby shower or try to do our own? Will the dog steal the baby’s toys? (yes) These are the fun conversations. The ones that don’t involve calendars and doctors and bodily fluids. They are too enjoyable to avoid even if they do ratchet up our hope.

Conversations also inevitably drift to the possibility of needing to plan for a next time. Even within this tww we are looking ahead at the next. If this time doesn’t work, what do we do next? Do we keep on keeping on and stick with the IUI route? Could IVF be a possibility for us, financially?

Hell, maybe it won’t matter. Maybe this time will stick. Fingers crossed!


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