Our third 2WW is officially halfway over. And so far I have no symptoms (not that I believe symptoms mean anything anymore, since I had cramping in the first 2WW and red-hot nipples* in the second, and both were BFNs).

We’ve kept ourselves pretty distracted thus far, watching a ton of movies and eating everything and anything that sounds appealing. And figuring out how to file taxes together for our  first year as a married couple. Right now our living room, strewn with mortgage interest statements and scraps of burrito foil, is probably a pretty apt metaphor for our internal states: a little anxious, a lot distracted.

I’ve been temping this cycle and am feeling pretty discouraged by the lack of a clear “spike” on my chart. I’ve been prowling the internet for pictures of women’s BBT charts so I can obsessively compare mine, and I keep feeling inadequate. (I know I said I was going to stop lurking on the web this 2WW, but the researching and the constant re-reading makes me feel like I have some control over the process, or at least keeps my mind busy, and I’ve decided that both of those things are quite necessary right now.)

Anyway. One more week. Incidentally, our super-cold climate is supposed to climb to almost 50 degrees next weekend, meaning it may be sunny and springy when we finally test. Spring, the ultimate mood-lifter! So the disappointment of a BFN may be tempered by the fact that we can grieve outside under the open sky; a BFP will likely make us shit our pants in ecstasy.


*Looking forward to the search traffic we’ll get with a term like red-hot nipples. Hell-o!



  1. I am the same way with the constant research. It’s a process we have almost no control over especially once that TWW hits. It’s good to keep distracted even if it’s with research. That’s what I’ve found anyway. I find myself looking at things to buy the baby and think to myself “HOLY SHIT. I might actually be a mother soon!” It’s a great feeling. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Personally, I think it’s a good use of your time to keep yourself busy looking at the BBT charts, blogs and forum posts of other hopeful-parents-to-be, and anything else that works for Team Baby. Allow the time for both of you to enjoy the possibilities, the planning, the positive ju-ju. If it’s a negative in two weeks…let it be a negative in two weeks rather than the whole time you could potentially be crafting the next greatest human.

    I like to compartmentalize. So, while we were trying to get pregnant, I didn’t worry about the labor and delivery part. When we got the negative results, I felt that for a day or so and then put it in a box, and dropped it in the mental storage bin, and began the next phase of “the counting.” When we finally did get pregnant…I started pulling out those other boxes to worry about. Motherhood (the whole process) seems to be a never-ending game of counting.

    Good luck!

    1. This makes perfect sense. I was just thinking that this whole TTC process feels only loosely connected to the idea of an actual child anymore…I think I’ve compartmentalized all the worry about temps, charting, O-days, etc., that it’s not until AFTER I’m pregnant that I’ll start turning my worry toward the Real Baby stuff. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. It’s my 7DPIUI also!!! So great to have a cycle buddy! Anyhow, this is #4 for us and I’m staying off the internet (most the time) and decided tempting during the TWW drives me bat shit crazy pants, so that’s, out too. Agree that symptoms don’t truly exist in the TWW now also. Except my sister in law swears she knew cause of being super gassy and she found out at exactly two weeks lol I share that “symptom” this round too, hope it’s good luck gas lol

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