Waiting is Better in Spring

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know we’re in the middle of our fourth Two Week Wait. Actually writing it out like that makes it seem like a drop in the bucket, like just a moment has passed. Four of anything isn’t that many.

In reality it feels a little longer. Okay, a lot longer.

The wait feels easier (for me at least) as the seasons begin to change. Our world is less constricted. I feel like I can think about something other than the wait and the miserable weather. Dare I say it I even have hope. From the depths of winter nothing seemed possible. New growth felt distant and dreamlike. Now the world is opening up again, bits of green around the edges.

We’re getting better at distracting ourselves too. Less focus on the possible symptoms, more focus on passing the time.

We went for dinner and read large chunks of books that we’re both enjoying. Andrea started a woodworking project. We built a garden bed and a fence to keep out the hordes of rabbits patrolling our neighborhood and stayed outside until the sun set. I even planted a single row of spinach to taunt the buggers and test the new fence:


Maybe this a good sign. New growth and all? Either way, the time passes.


One comment

  1. I really enjoy this post. We’re about to start try number three and the latest wait was made better by the new season. We’ve been working outside as well and it’s so great to just spend energy thinking about something other than WAITING. I wish you luck and send you lots of baby vibes!

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