IUI #4….


More on this later.




      1. We are! Though I’m taking 2 months off. I feel so exhausted and need to recharge. I know by the end of the break I will be itching to get started again, though…looking forward to seeing how your next cycle goes. I know it’s been a crazy month for you!

      2. It has been a crazy month. I’m starting a 12 day detox today to try to cleanse my system of all the crap I’ve been taking in. Looking forward to this next cycle and then contemplating taking a month or two off again. Maybe one on one off from now on to keep myself sane. Who knows.

  1. What a very sad picture to find your blog on 😦 Sorry to see the BFN. I’m hanging in though to cheer you on until you get that BFP!

  2. So sorry about your BFN! Girl…I’ve been there! It sucks royally but there is hope. You should check out Sher Fertility Institute! I don’t know where you guys are but they have clinics all across the US and they have a contest for a free IVF cycle. You can apply! Also, there are some states that will provide a free IVF cycle if you allow the state to use all of your information for research purposes. I know New York State has a program like this I believe through the Department of Health. Check if your state has this! Good luck to you during this crazy journey!

    1. Whoa thanks for that info! I had no idea about those opportunities and will definitely check them out.

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