How many follicles is normal? (And oh yeah, IUI #6)

First, a question for you ladies–how many follicles do you usually have on each side? I typically have 18-22 small on each side at my baseline (plus a cyst), and then about 13-15 on each side when I trigger (in addition to at least one biggie). My AMH is on the high side (8.3), which makes me suspect PCOS–but I don’t have any symptoms, and I ovulate regularly. FSH, estrodial, LH, thyroid are all normal. My RE says not to worry about the cyst or the large amount of follicles; my acupuncturist says it’s a problem.


This morning I had IUI #6, which is looking more and more like the Final One Ever, because at some point you just have to throw in the towel. I used our last vial of our donor–we thought we had bought enough for both of us to get pregnant–and now the bank is completely out of him.Β 

Everything seemed right–nice big follicles, ovulation pain right on time, an easy procedure, I felt relaxed and got acupuncture right afterwards. But we’ve had many cycles that seemed really promising, were timed just right, and nothing. So my expectations of success are pretty low at this point.

I think the last BFN hit a nerve. My period was several days late, which got my hopes way up, and even after it started and I went in for a baseline ultrasound, the nurse made me take an HCG blood test because my uterus “looked like it could be pregnant.”

This is a fluke thing that happens sometimes, apparently, when your uterine lining doesn’t shed quickly enough. Of course the result was BFN again, and it seemed a little at that point like the universe was rubbing salt in an increasingly sore wound.

So here we are, at the beginning of another 2WW. I usually feel so hopeful at the beginning, but I’m feeling a little defeated already.



  1. 13-15 at trigger time is A LOT if they are close to being able to release. The most I’ve had was 5 and I was at high risk of high order multiples with that. It does depend on your age (I’m 27) also, so if your over 35 probably not as bad. I would worry though that they are taking a huge risk with your health and body. That’s how all those crazy stories of women with 6-8 kids happen. Again it depends on the maturity if the eggs though.

    1. Thanks lady. I think they are not ready to release…the 13-15 follicles are all under 10mm. Then I had 2 biggies at 17mm and 21mm. But I started realizing lately that I have way more small follicles than a lot of people…which sounds like PCOS to me. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. I hope the 2WW is going well for you. πŸ™‚

  2. I know how little comfort this will give because it’s still going to be frustrating, this is an expensive emotional process, but try to remember that healthy straight women with sperm producing males at their disposal can have perfectly timed sex for six to twelve months before they are successful. It will happen for you, don’t give up just because it’s not happening in your timeframe.

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