This cycle I did something I never do: I bought Dollar Tree tests and started peeing on them at 7dpo. And now I see why they are so crazymaking! I got a faint line at 7dpo (the end of my trigger), then nothing 8-10dpo, then a faint faint squinter yesterday with FMU. A second Dollar Tree test last night was negative…so I took a FRER this morning, day 12, and it’s stark white. I cancelled my beta this morning because it seems pointless.

I also picked up a nasty cold Saturday while working an event that I’ve been planning for a long time–not sure whether someone I hugged passed their germs on, or my immune system is just shutting down after months of preparation for the event. Either way I feel horrible. Sore throat, chest cold for the past two days. It’s actually a blessing–being sick takes up so much energy that it helps distract me from the disappointment of the BFNs.

But Elizabeth and I spent a lot of time yesterday talking about next steps. This year I did 7 iuis with our original donor, whose supply is wiped out now, and our insurance coverage for the year has also run out. So we’re meeting with our doctor on Friday, but I think the plan is going to be:

  • Pay OOP for one more iui with a new donor in November–no Clomid, nothing fancy, just to see if the reason I can’t get pregnant is because donor #1 and I don’t mesh.
  • Start IVF in January. I really wish it won’t come to that, but it’s looking more and more like we’ve come up that “last resort” finally.

In the meantime I can’t help but notice that literally every single woman in the world except me is pregnant. RIGHT?? 😉



  1. a) Yes. Literally every woman in the world is pregnant. I have also noticed this phenomenon.
    b) Don’t count yourself out yet – 12 dpo can still be early. I am really impressed with myself for not buying any HPTs (especially those Dollar Store cheapies!) – I would be right there with you peeing on sticks left and right. Stay strong!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed this phenomenon! It was confirmed yesterday when I was in line at the supermarket and a tabloid announced that Kate Middleton is pregnant again. OY.

      Thanks for the support! Are you going to wait for your blood test to find out? I’m not usually an early tester, but it’s been a little comforting to have a task to do every morning (and I think for me it helps spread out the disappointment–a little bit every day, instead of a big whopper at the end.)

      1. I’m not sure yet. I may try to wait. I only have a FRER digital at home right now so if I do test it’ll be just once. I think I’ll try to wait though! I like holding out the hope for a few extra days. I felt super pregnant last cycle so I tested early and it was a major disappointment. I guess time will tell!

        We’ll be thinking of you guys. I hope that squinter comes back 🙂

  2. Having a plan is sometimes the only thing to cling to while you are ttc. I never tried a Dollar Store test, but that would crush me to see something and then nothing. That’s just cruel! Do you think you’ll take another FRER tomorrow, or wait a few more days and see what happens? Good luck, this part of the wait sucks.

    1. We’re out of FRERs, and they’re so expensive I’m not sure it’s worth it to buy more. I’m going to (try to) sit on my hands for the next couple of days, I think. Thanks. 🙂

  3. I took a FRER this morning too, 14 DPIUI , stark white. No sign of AF. Fingers crossed… my daughter didn’t appear in a hpt until 17 DPIUI. I don’t recall when my mc’d hpt was positive. For me the missed period is the only indicator. Sticky baby vibes to us!

  4. I wouldn’t give up so quickly! Callie didn’t get a BFP, just a BFN at 9dp5dt, which is technically the same as 14dpIUI…when the dr called with the beta result and the HCG was so high, we wondered why it came up negative…but we have twins on the way, so you never know! The test wasn’t positive until 12dp5dt! Fingers crossed here!

      1. I think the one who always looks annoyed at her boyfriend is gay, lol. Disclaimer – I’ve never watched the show and have only read blogs.

  5. I agree, EVERYONE is pregnant and the world does a great job throwing it in my face! For example, Friday I am unwinding and I get a random text from a number I don’t know that reads “Hey Girl, I was just thinking about you! Did you find out the sex of your baby today?”. I said “do you know something I don’t because last I checked, I am unfortunately not pregnant”. She then responds, “oh I’m sorry, my friend Kristina is preggers and I was just checking in”…. I don’t know what made this worse for me the fact that the world feels it necessary to tell me that even people I don’t know are having babies or the my name is Christina!

  6. Hang in there, I will hold onto hope for ya! PS, I’m not pregnant right now and don’t think that will be an issue 😉 BUT, I totally get it, everyone is pregnant but me, it’s crazy the amount of announcements I’ve seen. Anyway, hope this time is charm, even if you have already lost hope – sending peace, light, and good lucky vibes.

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