Back from hiding, and a Lupron question

Apparently it’s been 5 months since I updated this blog. I think I just got tired of announcing our TTC failures, and while I’ve been following everyone else’s journey I just haven’t had the heart to update.

But anyway, life has led us to the inevitable outcome I’d wanted so badly to avoid: IVF.

I start Lupron on Saturday; stims (Menopur and Follistim) ten days after that. And I’m quite nervous. The boxes of meds are piled up on the table, and every time I walk past them I have a little ripple of anxiety. My main concerns are side effects, both long-term and immediate. And most specifically, am I going to lose my shit? I’m under a lot of stress at work right now, and while I think I manage it better than most, I don’t have a lot of time or space in my life for massive mood swings or depression.

Any advice?

Oh yeah, and thanks for your blogs. I don’t comment much because I struggle with typing on my phone, but your stories have really kept me going during this whole maddening process.



  1. Believe it or not I didn’t experience any major mood swings or depression w lupron. I would suggest keeping your meds out of direct sight. Maybe organize them somewhere you have easy access to but you don’t have to pass by every other hour. I only had what I needed available. I know it’s overwhelming. Take it step by step. Good luck on your journey.

  2. Of all the meds I took for IVF, I had the least trouble with lupron. BCPs were a nightmare, but I really didn’t notice any specific side effects with the lupron! Good luck!

  3. No advice, but it’s nice to see you update again. Even though IVF is not the means you wanted, hopefully it will bring you a quick bfp and healthy pregnancy.

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