Heartbeat, love, and nausea at 7w3d

I was so nervous before our scan today–but all went well. Our little frog measured right on target at 7w3d, and so we graduated from our infertility clinic and are headed out into the big wide world of OB-land.

I wasn’t expecting the heartbeat to look so much like–well, a heart? A human heart beating?–and I was so moved I couldn’t say anything as we watched it on the screen. Just holy, silent tears. I felt the swell of overwhelming love that I feel for my dog (which, to be fair, is the extent of my experience with maternal love so far), and the whole sensation was so pleasurable that I was bummed when the tech pulled out the wand and pronounced us “graduated.” I could have watched for hours.


I called our new OB office as soon as we got home, and got an appointment with a nurse practitioner on the books for May 11. We don’t get to see the actual OB (and get another scan) until 12 weeks, which feels SO far away.

On the symptoms front, I am full-fledged nauseated. All day every day, and all night, too. It started Friday afternoon and hasn’t let up. I get very confused, because historically when I am nauseated, it is because I am sick, and thus the rules are:

1. Pay attention to how you feel!
2. Get rest!
3. Don’t eat anything or you’ll throw up!

But the rules of pregnancy nausea are different, as I’m figuring out. They are:

1. Ignore it; it’s not going away for a long time!
2. Keep working and suck it up!

I have so many food aversions it’s hard to find things I can stomach, but I’m learning that grazing on crackers and apples all day long helps keep everything down. Also I only want red meat, which is odd for me as a mostly-vegetarian. Very counterintuitive. I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping at night because I’m too nauseated to lie on my side or back; I have to sit up, and between the positioning and the nonstop vivid dreams, I’m pretty cranky and tired all the time.

My acupuncturist gave me acupressure bracelets, and I’ve been sipping peppermint tea and ginger ale. Also thinking about that little beating frog heart helps a lot. Any other tips for dealing with the nausea? (which, I want to add, is TOTALLY WORTH IT?)



  1. Aww, little gummy bear! Nothing like hearing that heart beating away. I still put my ear to Darwin’s chest when she’s sleeping sometimes and just listen. It’s a sacred sound to me.

    Best advice I was given for nausea was to keep a snack by my bedside so that any time I woke up I would have a few bites. I usually had crackers or nuts. Also, potatoes are a common craving for the first trimester, and lo and behold my midwife said they seem to help nausea. I ate a lot of french fries…

  2. Yup, my wife did saltines on her nightstand for first-thing snacking. Only other thing that helped was citrus. Particularly grapefruit juice with seltzer. Fizzy was good for her.

    Also, the red meat thing isn’t that unusual–your body is craving iron. I say go with it if you can reconcile that with your brand of vegetarianism. I’m in iron supplements now and it’s kind of annoying.

    Congrats! Heartbeat is awesome.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been going with the idea that I might just need iron. I can reconcile my vegetarianism for this baby because there are a lot of sources of ethically raised, humanely treated meat in my area. So burgers for baby it is. 🙂

  3. Awwwwww such wonderful news. Glad all is well. They say the cravings you have a normally a message from your body so if you don’t often have red meat maybe you need a big stock up of iron!! I have heard about pregnancy doing that to vegos before. Must be so frustrating. I used to grate ginger and squeeze it into hot water (not boiling – from the tap is fine) and drink it to ease an upset tummy. Good luck and here’s hoping it passes when the 2nd trimester arrives!

    1. Thanks! I used to love ginger, but it’s been a huge aversion for me since I got pregnant. Terribly ironic, since it’s the thing that’s supposed to help with nausea.

  4. That heartbeat is the most WONDERFUL thing. Congratulations on a perfect little gummy bear! The nausea is so miserable. Listen to your body–if it wants something, you should just go for it. I gave up worrying about eating/drinking the right things and just focused on eating anything I could. Hard candy was helpful, too–especially tart flavors like lemon.

  5. Congrats!! I love how you described the heart beat as ‘holy’, I think that’s the perfect word. I had hideous nausea every day all day from about 5wks to around 13 or 14wks. The thing for me was I HAD to eat protein every 2hrs. Hard as a pescetarian. Especially as we don’t live near any shops. So it was cheese, yoghurt, chick peas, tuna, eggs etc – over and over and over. I agree it seems unfathomable that when your body is telling you are about to spew you are preparing food as fast as you can and showing it in your gob. I became sooooo bored with food. I have also gone off sugar majorly. Back then it was like 100%, now I’m avoiding but can handle the occasional piece of cake or cookie. But when the nausea was worst it meant no ginger ale or ginger sweets etc which had worked well in previous pregnancies. My naturopath prescribed Nux Vomica which is a homeopathic remedy and that helped too- some days. Yippee though – a baby!!

    1. Thanks! Eating protein does seem to help…I got some protein shakes to help supplement. I hope this whole process helps me go off sugar, too–that’d be a silver lining. I’ll check out the Nux Vomica, too. 🙂

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